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90% of Smart Phones in the world are right now powered by Android Operating System

I started my article with a statistics just to emphasize the importance of Android Development in today's world. We may agree with the fact or not , but we have become the slaves of Android. The moment we get a notification from any of the application we move towards our phone as if it is a king and we are it slaves.

But there is an other side too, rather than becoming the slaves of Android we can become the manager and decide what others will do with our app.

I am listing 3 W's of Android Development to make it clear

1. What is Android Development.

2. Why choose Android Development.

3. Where to learn Android Development

1. What is Android Development?

-Android is basically an operating system powered by Linux and works with the stack architecture. Android Development is easy if you get friendly with its environment and Yes it do requires the knowledge of Java. Android is one of the leading technology in the world without any doubt and as it has become the backbone of the smartphones.

2. Why choose Android Development?

No other technology in the history of human race have touched or affected our lives the way Android is doing. Human race is going crazy beyond Android App. People are ordering their clothes, mobiles, books even their vegetables and fruits using Android Application. Every famous software like Adobe PDF, Gmail,LinkedIn,Facebook which we once only used only on computer is now easily available on Android and they are changing the business models.

Choosing Android Development as career choice or pursuing it just as an extra known language in your resume, both are quite beneficial. Having an Android Application is more or less becoming a must for the companies. And in many of the cases Startup are again some other frenzy Android App.

Imagine the apps like Uber, Ola and the trending one like Pokemon Go without Android.It is not tough to predict the future you can hold being an Android Developer.

Remember initial version of Facebook was coded by Mark Zuckerberg , whenever a startup is planned application development gulps down a maximum amount and if you know how to develop it yourself, you can help your own venture a lot.

3. Where to learn Android Development?

Android is something best learnt in a classroom training as it contains lot of factors and loads of doubts are usually generated in the mind of a student. Asterix Solution we provide the best in class training for Android Development in out 25 Days Android Pro Training program. You can register your seat by clicking here.

There are many other websites like Android Hive and online training program available online. If there you have the will you will find a way.

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