Introduction to Advanced Java Training

Advanced Java Training is specially designed for those who have through knowledge of core Java and now want to master Advanced Java. This training includes major advanced Java topics like JDBC (both with MySQL and MongoDB), Servlet, JSP, Java Mail and frameworks, Spring and Hibernate completed in 120 hours. This training includes development of 2 projects.


  • Advanced Java Training starts from API's like JDBC and Servlet, so it is important for a candidate to have thorough knowledge of Core Java concepts.

  • A candidate should be able to perform the practical's on Java easily in order to continue with Advanced Java batches.

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Weekend 7th October 2019
Location Vashi


Weekdays 14th October 2019
Location Thane

Why join Asterix for Advanced Java Training?


We have best of the trainers with a belief that best friend of an developer is a Keyboard, hence we have 100% Practical Approach policy.


We keep our batch sizes small for qualified attention and proper practical time. Smaller batches help both trainer as well as trainees to work well on the concepts.


Our Portfolio Projects makes your resume outstanding. We make projects based on Real Time problems, so every batch is doing some great projects and the experience help them deploy the concepts they know.


Our Placement unit make sure that you are quite comfortable in presenting to the companies we are tied up with. We give 100% Job Assistance.

Topics Included

  • JDBC Architecture

  • Java with JSON

  • Servlet

  • JSP


  • Hibernate

  • Spring

Detailed Syllabus


To connect with individual databases, JDBC (the Java Database Connectivity API) requires drivers for each database. JDBC topic includes JDBC Architecture, Overview of Drivers, JDBC Driver Manager, Steps for accessing database using JDBC API Statements, Prepared Statement, Callable Statement, Scrollable and Updatable ResultSet, ResultSetMetaData and DatabaseMetaData, JDBC with MongoDB.

Java with JSON

Integration of Java with JSON, JSON Array, JSON Object are topics included in Java with JSON.


Introduction To Java Servlets, Servlet API, Servlet Life-Cycle, Working With Apache Tomcat, GenericServlets, HttpServlet, HttpSession, Session Binding/Tracking, Inter-Servlet Communication are topics included in Servlets.


JavaServer Pages (JSP) is a technology that helps software developers create dynamically generated web pages based on HTML, XML, or other document types. JSP SYNTAX, Implicit Objects, Custom Tags, JSP Actions, JSP Expression are topics included in JSP.


Emails play a very important role in the application development today and hence Mailing with Java is our module and we spend a formidable time on the topic so that Email Integration can be done easily by the developer. In this topic learn Java Mail API to send mail using Java Codes, to Send Text Mail, to Send HTML Mail and to Send Mail with Attachments.


Hibernate is an Framework for implementing ORM-Object Relational Model. Hibernate is the most used ORM in the field of IT and it is one of the important part in our 50 Days Java Training Program. Hibernate topic includes Why Hibernate?, Understanding ORM, Objects and Persistence, Hibernate Architecture, Mapping Documents, Hibernate Database Connection, Creating Persistent Classes, Mapping Collection of Objects, Persistent Object Life Cycle, Hibernate with Servlets, HQL: Hibernate Query Language.


Spring Framework is defined as Framework of Frameworks. It can be used for developing a simple console app to the biggest Enterprise Application. Spring is something we focus a lot on and topic like Spring MVC is really important for the execution. Spring Topic includes : Introduction to Spring Framework, Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection, IOC Container, Bean Creation, Construction Injection, Setter Injection, Auto Wiring, Bean Initialization and Destruction, Aware interfaces: BeanNameAware, BeanFactoryAware, Lookup Method Injection, Use of ApplicationContext, ResourceBundleMessageResource, Events and Event Handling, Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP), Introduction to AOP, Spring Web MVC, MVC Architecture, Front Controller and DispatcherServlet, Spring with JDBC and Hibernate.

Detailed FAQs

Batches are available throughout the day, you can attend any batch as per your convenience, but you must notify your coordinator before changing the batch.
Yes, you will get the training and project completion certificate by Asterix Solution.
Yes, apart from training Asterix Solution also runs a development unit, hence we give some part of project to our students.
Yes, you can take break for a valid situation and later join back in any other batch.
You can schedule a revision time with your trainer, or sit in any other batch with same topic free of cost.
Yes, we allow the fees payment to be in 2-3 installment through cash, cheque or Internet banking.
Yes, we provide 100% Job Assistance for Advance Java Training.

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