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Conquer your career

Given with the amount of time I spend with budding developers , one of the question which I always come across is "How should be the best in what I do?" or "Am I headed in the right direction?"

Now answer for these questions are different for everyone, but way to find it can be generalized in following 4 steps.

1. Finalize the domain where you want to be a professional.

Finalizing the domain in which you want to make your career is a breakthrough point in your career path. I have came across many individuals who are into a particular field, but when asked they don;t have the answer for "Why are you in this field?". It is important to point in at a particular domain where you want to make your career and then start working toward it.

2. Make a strategy.

Once the domain is finalized, a game plan has to be made. Being enthusiastic about your goal is one thing and putting it into the action is another. We should always have a strategy to conquer our goals.

Strategy for our goal can be carved by consulting one who are already in this field, I would just like to clear a point here, that consulting doesn't mean following exactly what they did, it means that we should come across the stories of one who has the same interests and find the key points on what to do and what to avoid.

"Those who fail to plan, plan to fail."

3. Change the story you tell yourself.

Our mind plays a very crucial role in the making of our career. Many a times we come across a point where we want to give up on a particular thing only because of the "I can't do it" stuff we feed our mind. Change the negative story you tell yourself about the things you can't do and change it to a positive one by changing the question you ask yourself, for example when you keep on asking yourself the questions as "How can I accomplish the task or anything", change the question to "What steps should I take to accomplish this task?" and believe me suddenly you will start finding the ways to accomplish anything you want in your life.

"The mind is everything.What you think you become- Buddha"

4. Put Massive Actions

This is the secret to every success you find in this world. Taking action on the plan made is where the success lies. In real life you will find the people basically categorized into two, either the players or the spectators. Players put their actions on the plan they made and spectators who had plan but gave up very early on the action front.

Nothing in this world is easier, you need to keep on trying and make the things happen for yourself, else be the spectator and keep watching the one who are playing.

"If you don't find a way, find another way. If you still don't find a way, find another way. And keep finding till you don't the way."

"Every life has a story, make yours worth reading!!"