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Facing the Project External!!

If you visit a room of students who are supposed to present a project to university externals, you can compare the tension one which is found in the control room of the space center who are supposed to launch a spaceship.

Both are filled with almost same questions "What if it doesn't work at final moment?". The room of student have to nowadays deal with one extra question

  1. Prove that you have developed this project?

I have been through this room for last 6 years and now entering my 7th year, I will be presenting some hacks so that new project presenters can work on it and improve their presentation.

Presenting your project is like a sales process. In short you need to sell your project to the external, but here you will be getting MARKS AND NOT MONEY!!

Here are some steps which can help you (Majorly in cases where you have yourself developed the project).

Step 1: Have an impressive start

Your project external is going to see more than 30 projects in day, almost all starting in same way. you need to make an out of box start to keep the hold of project session.

One of the project I am training this year by name "Trainers Wallet" is a web portal for trainer, where they can store their content and when they are required to take a session and need to go through some content, they just need to login and get it. Now how would I start this project

"Hello Sir, My name is Zartab Nakhwa, I have an elder sister (you can even bluff the facts no one is going to check) whom I see daily preparing for her session using her own physical notes, seeing her struggling carrying her notes in Mumbai Local encouraged me to come up with this idea and here I am with my Trainers Wallet...."

Relate your project with a story and see the magic unwind.

Step 2: Control the flow of your project.

One of the major mistake a student during project presentation is giving yourself the flow in hand of examiner. Take the control from very beginning. Let say go in presentation room and start the introduction. Many of the student take a big pause after your introduction and that is the moment where you give away the control of your project to them. Practice the topics you are going to talk. Interact with examiner, if they want to ask the question answer it and keep the flow with you.

Step 3: Always Agree with your Examiner

"If you had used this technology instead of this, it would have been better?" . Never say a FLAT NO on the face of examiners, it hurts their ego. Always start your answer as "I completely agree with you sir on the terms of technology BUT as I was more comfortable on this technology I used this." Anything said after but is truth. This way you don't hurt the examiners ego and your answer is accepted as well.

Step 4: Maintain eye contact and be enthusiastic

You have worked day and night for this day and now when it comes to your presentation show all your enthusiasm while showing your project. You often buy unwanted things based on the way they present you the project.

Maintain eye contact while talking, nervousness takes the toll on the mind of student and they start avoiding the eye contact, maintaining eye contact is the indication of confidence.

Step 5: Maintain your Team Work while presenting too!!

While presenting the project in group,make sure you practice about the presentation skills too. When two or three people talk together they have to be well tuned. Don’t disagree among yourself. Prefix the parts each one is going to talk, but also keep a track of others part, in case your partner is super nervous you must know how to cover up for him

There are many other factors which play important role in the project marking. Giving efforts to gain result is what we do.

"Every life has a story, make yours worth reading!!"