What is MEAN-Stack?

MEAN stack stands for :

M- MongoDB :- An object oriented schema less database, largely different from a typical a relational database system like Oracle, mySQL etc.. It is a object oriented database system a OODBMS if you will, meant for object oriented languages like Java or .NET or JavaScript.

E- ExpressJS :- ExpressJS - A de-facto Model-View- Controller framework and a web-server provider for Node.JS applications.

A- Angular :- Now a very much preferred User Interface framework.

N- Node.JS server side runtime running on V8 engine - An engine used in the Google Chrome browser, capable of understanding JavaScript. When these technologies come together, they form what is a called MEAN stack, a total knowledge of this stack allows you to create full fledge user-interactive applications, like in any other language e.g.: Java,.NET, PHP , etc. except for some subtle differences in thought and technology employed. Please note, the entire stack is open-source and free AND they can be mixed with any other technology as we will see in the course.

Pre-requisite for MEAN-Stack

Knowledge of HTML is a must, the course includes a precursor on JavaScript. For UI purposes we will be using Bootstrap 4 beta and Angular Material, so knowledge on CSS is optional.


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Weekend 2nd November 2019
Location Vashi

Why join Asterix for MEAN Stack Developer Training?


We have best of the trainers with a belief that best friend of an developer is a Keyboard, hence we have 100% Practical Approach policy.


We keep our batch sizes small for qualified attention and proper practical time. Smaller batches help both trainer as well as trainees to work well on the concepts.


Our Portfolio Projects makes your resume outstanding. We make projects based on Real Time problems, so every batch is doing some great projects and the experience help them deploy the concepts they know.


Our Placement unit make sure that you are quite comfortable in presenting to the companies we are tied up with. We give 100% Job Assistance.

Topics Included

  • HTML

  • Javascript

  • Angular JS

  • Database / MongoDB

  • Project Development

  • After Training Talks

  • Node JS

Detailed Syllabus


Explaining ​​HTML5, Explaining​​ Bootstrap​​ latest ​​version​​4, Using​​ various​ ​components​​ to ​​make ​​UI, Making​​ complete​ ​page, Understanding ​​the ​​static​​ nature


What ​​is ​​Javascript​​ and bit ​​on ​​history ​​, ​​current ​​version ​​of​​ Javascript, Design​​ flaw ​​in ​​javascript, Async pattern ​​in​​ Javascript,​​ why ​​is ​​it ​​async ​​in​ ​the ​​first ​​place, Type ​​less(no​​ data ​​type) ​​javascript, var, Declaring ​​functions ​​anywhere, Passing​​ functions​ ​in ​​functions, Declaring ​​functions ​​in ​​functions, What​​ is ​​JSON — Very ​​important ​​to ​​understand, ​​as​​ it ​​is ​​one ​​of​ ​the ​​pillars ​​in ​​the ​​foundation for​​ understanding ​​Javascript, Understanding​​ functional​​ Scope, Knockout.js, ​​data-binding​​ and​​ earlier​ ​angularjs, ​​a ​​bit ​​history ​​on ​​jQuery, Typescript, what​ ​is it​​ and​ ​why ​​does ​​it ​​exist ​​and ​​its ​​predecessors.

Angular JS

Why​​ did ​​Angular ​​happen ​​in ​​the ​​first ​​place, ​​the ​​problem ​​statement ​​solved ​​by ​​it, Approach​​ in ​​Angular​​1, A ​​rewrite ​​of ​​angular ​​1 ​​to ​​2​​, ​​again ​​react.js​ ​thought ​​process ​​being ​​the ​​predecessor​ ​here, Introduction​​ to ​​component​ ​based​​ thinking ​​and ​​srp, Understanding ​​features ​​of​​ Typescript,​​ more ​​on​ ​each ​​feature​​ as ​​and ​​when​​ encountered in​ ​the ​​project, Setting​​ up ​​the ​​Angular ​​Application, Understanding ​​that ​​Tooling ​​comes ​​with ​​it ​​to ​​make ​​our ​​life ​​easy ​​to ​​focus​ ​on ​​bigger problems, Using​​ browser​ ​console ,Creating​​ a ​​project ​​using ​​the ​​cli, If​​ created​ ​with out ​​the ​​cli​​, ​​where​​ all ​​the ​​changes ​​would ​​have ​​to ​​be ​​made ​​and ​​why, Understanding​​ components ​​and ​​creating ​​them, Creating​​ custom​​ components​​ and​​ how​​ to ​​use ​​them,Composing​​ one ​​custom ​​component​ ​of ​​other ​​child ​​components, Making ​​custom​ ​events​ ​and ​​properties ​​in ​​custom ​​components, Data-binding ​​in ​​custom ​​components, Understanding​​ View​​ encapsulation, Using​​ local​​ references ​​in ​​templates, What​​ are ​​lifecycle ​​hooks​​ in​​ Angular, Seeing ​​lifecycle​​ hooks​​ in ​​action, What​​ is​ ​ngcontent​​ and​​ @Contentchild, Understanding​​ directives, Creating​​ a​​ basic ​​directive​​ attribute, ngClass​​ and​ ​ngStyle, Using​​ Services ​​and ​​Dependency ​​injection(recap), Reusability​​ with​ ​services​​ and​ ​SoCs ​​and ​​DI, Building​ ​a ​​custom ​​data ​​service, Understanding ​​page ​​routing, Why​​ do ​​we ​​need​​ a​ ​router, Routing​​ with ​​Parameters, Retrieving ​​query ​​parameters, Setting​​ up ​​nested​ ​child​​routes, Introduction​​ to ​​Guards, Protecting​ ​routes ​​with ​​can Activate , Understanding ​​observables​ ​and ​​why ​​we ​​need ​​them, How ​​observables​​ can​​ create ​​a ​​memory ​​leak ​​if ​​not ​​handled ​​correctly, Understanding ​​observable​ ​operators, Handling​​ Forms ​​in ​​Angular ​​Apps, Using​​ Pipes ​​in ​​Angular​​4, Making​ ​object ​​attribute ​​based​ ​filters, Making​​ HTTP ​​requests, Deploying​​ Angular ​​Application, Unit ​​Tests ​​in ​​angular, Analyzing ​​Testing ​​Setup, Running​​ Tests, Using​​ developer​ ​console​ ​to​​de bug​​ and ​​other​ ​toolsUsing​​ session Storage​ ​in ​​browser.


What​​ is ​​a ​​server ​​side ​​runtime, What​​ is ​​Node.js,​ ​and​​ why ​​node.js ​​who​ ​made ​​Node.js​ ​and​​ when ​​and ​​who​ ​owns​​ the​ ​code now,​​ what ​​is ​​the ​​current​​ version ​​of ​​node.js, What​​ is ​​the ​​LTS ​​schedule ​​of ​​Node.js, Using​​ the ​​node.js ​​console, What​​ is ​​npm, Introducing ​​package.json ​​file, Meaning​​ of ​​attribs ​​in ​​package.json, Initiating​​ a​​ simple​ ​project​​ in ​​node.js, Every ​​node.js​​ project ​​has ​​an ​​entry ​​point, Explaining​​ how ​​Node.js ​​starts​​ from​​ with in ​​the ​​application, ​​rather ​​than ​​behave​ ​like ​​a traditional ​​server, Starting​ ​a ​​server​ ​using​ ​only ​​node.js​​ runtime, Introducing​ ​express,​ ​a​​de-facto​​node.js​​ web-container-for ​​web​​ based​​ projects, Using ​​express.static ​​for ​​static ​​assets, Configuring​​ routes ​​and ​​action ​​handlers, Explaining​​ concept​ ​of ​​request, response​ ​and ​​session, Making​​ business ​​logic ​​classes, Configuring​​ database ​​in ​​node.js, Making​​ calls ​​to ​​dbfunctions, Explaining ​​concept ​​of ​​drivers ​​and(Reading​ ​documentation​ ​and ​​writing​​ code), Getting ​​connection ​​to ​​database(using​​ blank​ ​functions ..do​​not​​write​​queries), Sending ​​response ​​to ​​browser, Using​​ Async ​​and ​​Underscore ​​and ​​Later.js, Using​​ Async ​​and ​​Underscore ​​in ​​code, Coding​ ​style, patterns ​​and ​​best ​​practices, Debugging​​ in ​​nodeJS ​​using​ ​node-inspector, ​​remote ​​and ​​local, Error​​ handling ​​using ​​bunyan-error ​​logging, What​ ​are ​​REST ​​APIs ​​v/s ​​SOAP ​​API​​, ​​which​ ​is​ ​in​ ​trend ​​now, What​​ are ​​request ​​methods ​​and ​​when​ ​to ​​use​​what, What​​ is ​​JWT ​​and ​​how ​​to ​​authenticate ​​requests, Using​​ local​ ​storage ​​on ​​browsers, What​​ is ​​TDD, TDD​​ in ​​node.js, Building​​ a​ ​project ​​using ​​grunt/gulp, One​ ​step ​​build, ​​fail ​​on unit ​​test ​​fail, Using​​ a ​​CI ​​node.js, Integrating​ ​everything ​​into ​​a ​​CI, Stack Overflow ​​Joel ​​Spolsky ​​12 ​​steps.

Database / MongoDB

What​​ is​ ​database​ ​and ​​why ​​do​ ​we ​​need ​​it, What​​ is ​​RDBMS ​​strategy​ ​and ​​what ​​is ​​OODBMS ​​strategy, What​ ​is ​​MongoDB ​​or ​​noSQL,​​ install​​ and ​​pre-req, Getting ​​connection, Making​​ Create ​​query, Making​​ Read​​ query, Making​​ Update ​​query, Making​​ Delete​ ​query, Making​​ aggregate, count, distinct, map-reduce​​queries, Doing​​ it ​​via ​​node.js ​​application

Project Development

Making​​ an​​ entire ​​framework​ ​complete ​​with ​​frontend, backend​​ and ​​error​ ​logging gregate, count, distinct, map-reduce​​queries, Doing​​ it ​​via ​​node.js ​​application

After Training Talks

Angular​​ 5​ Material​ ​for ​​UI, Opbeat​​ real ​​time​​ error ​​logging, Explaining ​​Loopback.io.

Detailed FAQs

Batches are available throughout the day, you can attend any batch as per your convenience, but you must notify your coordinator before changing the batch.

Yes, you will get the training and project completion certificate by Asterix Solution.

Yes, apart from training Asterix Solution also runs a development unit, hence we give some part of project to our students.

Yes, you can take break for a valid situation and later join back in any other batch.

You can schedule a revision time with your trainer, or sit in any other batch with same topic free of cost.

Yes, we allow the fees payment to be in 2-3 installment through cash, cheque or Internet banking.

Yes, we provide 100% Job Assistance for Mean Stack Training.

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