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Passive Income: A savior for students.

Active Income is one which you go and earn or the amount you are earning when you are going to your office.

Passive Income is one which is earned by your work. It doesn't requires you to be at a place or working, it is about the work done and then getting all its benefits.

For students it is required to plan for the same thing really early.

When it comes to money matters it is not about monthly salary,it is about monthly income.

You need to understand the fact that finance management is a process which requires the proper plan. Being in IT industry I can give certain tips to the students right now working or those who have just appeared for the exams.

1. Find a secondary income

- Even before you get your primary income i.e. proper placement, get yourself a secondary income : a source place where your whole time is not required and you can do it before your work or after your work. Those working in development and designing field can actually start working as freelancers as there are lots of online websites available for the same.

2. Develop your own product

- If a non-IT person want to start a business, the major amount invested is in Development. But you being an IT personality you can save the development amount and later tie with some marketing firm and crack a deal on selling the app with a predefined percentage.

If you are an IT personality and still not able to develop your apps, you should check this

3. Start your own online blog or YouTube channel!!

Are you good at something and know how to express it in words or videos. Start you own blog or YouTube channel and register yourself at Google Adsense. You can start earning a good amount just based on what you write and post on your channel.

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