Introduction to 120 Hours Python Development with Machine Learning Training Program

Python is one of the most used programming language in the world. It is compatible with any of the high end Frameworks like Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning. Fortune 500 companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, NASA, Reddit, Quora, Mozilla use Python.

We have compiled a 120 hours professional training program to master Python programming language, that too with practical exposure and project development. This training program encompass the basic concepts of Python like setting up the IDE, variables, operators, loops as well as Object Oriented concepts of classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism. Other important techniques like Regular Expression,Multithreading too are covered. Our major attraction for this training program are in depth coverage of DJango Web Framework Framework and Machine Learning.


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Weekends 5th October 2019
Location Vashi


Weekends 5th October 2019
Location Thane

Why join Asterix for Python + Django + Machine Learning Training?


We have best of the trainers with a belief that best friend of an developer is a Keyboard, hence we have 100% Practical Approach policy.


We keep our batch sizes small for qualified attention and proper practical time. Smaller batches help both trainer as well as trainees to work well on the concepts.

Work on real scenario case studies.

We have got a series of real life based case studies to understand the concepts of Machine Learning in depth.


Our Placement unit make sure that you are quite comfortable in presenting to the companies we are tied up with. We give 100% Job Assistance.

Topics Included

  • Setting Up Python

  • Basics of Python

  • Object Orientation with Python

  • Advanced Python

  • Python with Database

  • Introduction to OpenCV

  • DJango Web Frameworks

  • Machine Learning Modules

  • Case Studies.

  • Project

Detailed Syllabus


Setting Up Python

History of Python, Downloading and setting IDE for Python, Writing Hello World Program.

Basics of Python

Identifiers, Reserved Words, Lines and Indentation, Multi-line statements, Single Line Comments, Input, Naming Conventions, Variables, What are variables?, Assigning Values, Assigning Values to Multiple Variables, Number, Strings, List, Tuples and Dictionary in Details, Basic Operators, Decision Making, Looping Structure, Functions and Lambda Functions

Object Orientation with Python

Classes, Objects, Inheritance, Abstraction.

Advanced Python

Modules and Packages, Exception Handling, Regex, Multi-Threading.

Introduction to OpenCV

OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision) is a library of programming functions mainly aimed at real-time computer vision. Originally developed by Intel, it was later supported by Willow Garage and is now maintained by Itseez. We provide a small project based introduction for this module.

DJango Web Framework

Intro to Django, MVC Framework, Why Django?, Why Django?, Getting Started, Installing necessary software, Hello World project, Project Architecture. Folder Architecture for the Project, Views, Url Mapping, Models and model migrations, Admin Interface, Templates –    • Using External HTML Files with Django    • Sending Variables in HTML Files    •Using python code inside HTML files, Generic Views, File uploading, Form Processing, Page Redirection, [Creating an API using Django Rest Framework].

Web Project

E-commerce Web Application.

Machine Learning

Introduction to Machine Learning

Why Machine Learning?, Problems Machine Learning Can Solve, Knowing Your Task and Knowing Your Data, Essential Libraries and Tools :   • Jupyter Notebook    • NumPy    • matplotlib    • pandas    • Sci-Kit.

Supervised Learning

Classification and Regression, Generalization, Overfitting, and Underfitting, Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms    • k-Nearest Neighbors    • Linear Models    • Naive Bayes Classifiers    • Decision Trees    • Ensembles of Decision Tree.

Unsupervised Learning

Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Clustering,    • k-Means Clustering    • Agglomerative Clustering    • DBSCAN

Representing Data and Engineering Features

One-Hot-Encoding, Automatic Feature Selection

Representing Data and Engineering Features

One-Hot-Encoding, Automatic Feature Selection

Model Evaluation and Improvement

Cross-Validation    • Cross-Validation in scikit-learn    • Benefits of Cross-Validation    • Stratified k-Fold    Cross-Validation and Other Strategies.    Grid Search    • Simple Grid Search   • Grid Search with Cross-Validation    Evaluation Metrics and Scoring, Algorithm Chains and Pipelines    • Parameter Selection with Pre-processing    • Building Pipelines.

Model Evaluation and Improvement

Representing Text Data    • Applying Bag-of-Words to a Toy Dataset    • Bag-of-Words on Real Data.    • Stopwords    • Bag-of-Words with More Than One Word (n-Grams)    • Advanced Tokenization, Stemming, and Lemmatization    • Topic Modeling and Document Clustering.

Case Studies

#1: Building Voice Assistant. (NLP ).

Building a neural network model from scratch to understand users intent.

Problem Statement:

  • The model should be able to handle various accent of different people, extract important Keyword and perform App Classification.

#2: Flowers Classifications (Classifications).

Building a multiclass classifier.

Problem Statement:

  • Given the features classify the flower into one of the various families.

#3: . Housing Price Predictions. (Regressions).

Performing exploratory data analysis(EDA) and building a regression model .

Problem Statement:

  • Ask a home buyer to describe their dream house, and they probably won't begin with the height of the basement ceiling but with the proximity to railroad, no of bedrooms, area of the house. Predict the price of the home buyer’s dream house using regression techniques learnt during the course.

Detailed FAQs

Batches are available throughout the day, you can attend any batch as per your convenience, but you must notify your coordinator before changing the batch.

Yes, you will get the training and project completion certificate by Asterix Solution.

Yes, apart from training Asterix Solution also runs a development unit, hence we give some part of project to our students.

Yes, you can take break for a valid situation and later join back in any other batch.

You can schedule a revision time with your trainer, or sit in any other batch with same topic free of cost.

Yes, we allow the fees payment to be in 2-3 installment through cash, cheque or Internet banking.

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