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Why Get Certified?

Is certificate greater than talent? Obviously No. Talent is anytime greater than Certificate you hold. Many of the greatest influences in the world do not hold certificate for the skills they pursue.

But when we fast forward to the today's time where competition is tough and we need to keep a back up option,it is always better to get certified in any skill you pursue. Certificate nowadays acts as the medals athlete have, it is the proof that what you speak is true.

Yes, if you think from the perspective of the HR taking your interview, every candidate irrespective of the skill they hold or not , they seems to be confident about it, hence having certificate for the same support your talk.

Certificate is important as it leads you to better visibility and job opportunities. Being certified is gives you the credentials you deserve. Let say you master in a particular skill, but in order to get your job you need to now convince the prospect that you know the work, but if you are certified for the same, i won't say it would be a cake walk, but it would be absolutely way easier to convince them.

Let say you got some health issues, and there is one big certified hospital doctor and other claims he is the best but is not certified, its an obvious choice that which doctor you would select.

Being internationally certified is altogether a different thing, in that case your location too won't make an issue and when it comes to the countries like US and UK, they respect your certificate a lot.

Consider two candidates, the further talk is applicable in terms when you are willing to get a job and not entrepreneurship. Let say we have two candidates Tom and Alex seeking jobs. Alex knows Java better than Tom but doesn't hold any proper certificates. On other hand Tom is doing well in Java and have proper certificates to support it, in addition he have also take internship and everything he done certified, without any doubt it makes a greater chance of him to get selected.

Asterix Solution is a Java Training Institute in Navi Mumbai based for last 3 years and helping lot of candidates get certified and secure a job.

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